May 16, 2006 Meeting
Sponsored by EyeCare Express

Our May meeting was held at Pappa's Seafood House.

John Soper, of EyeCare Express, shows off pictures of his
new baby boy to Tracy Hliva of Northland Optical.

Ty Dinh, owner of EyeCare Express,
sponsors a wonderful May meeting.

Speaker Mike Szczerbiak presents
the ABO seminar to a full house.

What's so funny Sally?  Did Peter miss his mouth?!

A nice group from Pasadena Eye Associates.

Annual member Kathy Hafner of Insight Optical.

Ernie Hill, Leni Serrano, and Judy Miller.

Educational sponsor, Ty Dinh of
EyeCare Express selects a winner.

A full house at Pappa's Seafood House, sponsored by EyeCare Express Lab.

Annual member Lea
Fincannon, of Christy Optical.

Eddie Lopez of
Vogue Optical.

Annual member Berta
 English of Bella Optical.

Annual member Alex Sullivan
of Diagnostic Eye Center.

Former COAT President Peter
Canovas gives current President
Mark Rice some words of wisdom.

Merritt Kolodny of Unique Optical
chats with Sammy Timpa of
Richardson Contact Lenses.