July 15, 2008 Meeting

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 l-r COAT President Lisa Harmon, Silhouette Reps Roz LaBarbera and
Andy Shoman, and rimless guru and speaker Mike Osborn.

At station 1, Silhouette Rep Andy Shoman
explained rimless variety, style, shape, and size.

A large group gathered for the July 15th meeting at the Houston Hilton Westchase.
It was a unique 2 hour meeting with 1 hour of hands-on rimless training.

Former COAT President Mark Rice trained at station 5 on
frame adjustments, pantoscopic/retroscopic tilt, nose pad alignment, temple modifications, and trouble-shooting.

Station 4 was all about proper technique, tools, and
successful methods of rimless mounting and demounting.

Time for prize drawings!

Attendees learned new skills during the second
hour of the 2 hour ABO meeting.

Speaker Mike Osborn received a certificate of
appreciation for delivering an excellent seminar.

Annual member Lorraine Romero
enjoyed the training at station 4!

Station 2 was managed by Silhouette rep Roz LaBarbera, and entailed rimless ordering specifications and its dependence for finished prescription eyewear accuracy.
At station 4, annual member Susan Chumchal (front left corner) demon-strates  mounting and demounting techniques. Seasoned opticians
picked up a few new tricks, while others learned for the first time.


 The proper tools are crucial to the  successful
design and handling of rimless eyewear.